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The University of Bern had 18,576 students in 2019. Of these, 42 percent (7,799) were registered in bachelor programs and 25 percent (4,611) in master's programs, 17 percent (3,096) were doctoral students, and another 16 percent were enrolled in continuing education programs This is where you will find the degree programs. Every degree program is described with all the relevant information such as final qualification, special areas, ECTS credits, study program structures, special knowledge, continuing possibilities, teaching language, start of study and individual admission requirements Bern The University of Bern is international to the core with top-class academics and a wide range of study programs in a location of outstanding beauty in Switzerland's capital city. Best minds in pursuit of knowledge The University of Bern offers excellence in teaching and research across the board as a comprehensive institution

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Doctoral Degree. Information on the doctoral degree. Application and Admission. Graduate Schools. Doctoral agreement. Regulations governing doctoral degree programs and study plans. Bern and the surrounding area University of Bern Hochschulstrasse 6 3012 Bern Switzerland more addresses s. 'Faculty libraries' and 'About us' Phone +41 31 684 92 11 bibliothek@unibe.ch Follow us on Facebook Direct to Subject information Special collections Open Science Course The University of Bern, based in the Swiss capital, was officially founded in 1834 - although it can trace its roots back to the 16th century, when it became compulsory for monks to be educated in a higher education institution University of Bern: Eccentric exoplanet discovered. By iednewsdesk On Jan 20, 2022. Share Red dwarfs are small stars and thus much cooler than our Sun. Around stars like these, liquid water is possible on planets much closer to the star than in our solar system. The distance between an exoplanet and its star is a crucial factor in its.

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  1. University of Bern Bern, Switzerland The University of Bern offers top quality across the board: it enjoys special recognition in leading-edge disciplines, is reputed for the excellent quality of its teaching, offers a delightful setting, and a campus environment intimately linked to the social, economic and political life of the city. #101 Rankin
  2. The University of Bern was founded in 1834 and it comprises 8 different faculties: Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences and Vetsuisse Faculty
  3. University of Bern or Universität Bern ( unibe ) - public higher education institution in Switzerland. unibe began its activity in 1528. University of Bern has an urban campus in Bern. University ranking. University of Bern is 6 in Switzerland. University of Bern is a highly renowned educational institution in Switzerland and abroad
  4. With around 15,400 students, the University of Bern is a medium-sized Swiss university. Aside from the programmes and courses on offer, the attractions of the university include Bern's central..
  5. University of Bern: New European master's degree program on stroke. By iednewsdesk On Jan 20, 2022. Share. More than 80 million people worldwide live with the consequences of stroke; more than 13 million new cases occur each year. Stroke is not only one of the leading causes of death, but also a cause of dementia, adult disability, and the.
  6. * The University of Bern is among the institutions that don't provide data on acceptance rates. This might happen because a university has programs where an applicant only needs to meet admission requirements to enroll and doesn't necessarily competes with others

For students enrolled at the University of Bern yearning for a taste of the high life on an international exchange, get inspired by stories from former exchange students Alessia and Pirintha. VIDEO. WATCH: Silas in Covid-19 downtime. Silas Klein Cardoso, a Brazilian researcher, arrived in January 2020 as a new postdoc at the University of Bern Universität Bern. Find Programs (Bachelor's, Master's & PhD) Select University: Select program: Apply now! University of Bern. Bern . City. 1834. Foundation. 35000. Number of students. 185€ - 905€ Semester Tuition Fees. 1600€ Ø monthly cost of living. Yes. Scholarships available. February 03, September 02. Application Deadline. 40/1. Check all courses offered by University of Bern with their Tuition Fees, course duration, Eligibility, Intake, Application timeline, Procedure and mor

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University Overview. Established in 1834, Universität Bern (University of Bern) is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the small city of Bern (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants). Officially recognized by the Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation, Schweiz (State. The University of Bern wants to procure the competences required to acquire knowledge and to use that knowledge. With this aim in mind, the University of Bern conducts excellent research and teaching and offers high-quality advanced training and services

Switzerland's third-largest university is located in the Swiss capital, and it is none other than the University of Bern. This institution was established in the year 1834. Moreover, the center of learning is in the top 200 list of international university rankings. Offering a wide range of courses and degree programs across its eight faculties, CHEOPS is a joint mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) and Switzerland, led by the University of Bern in collaboration with the University of Geneva. A groundbreaking measurement The planet WASP-103b is located in the constellation Hercules, is almost twice the size of Jupiter, has one and a half times its mass and is about fifty times.

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Bern University of Applied Science (BFH) One of the best public vocational universities with a strong national and international profile is Bern University of Applied Science known as Berner Fachhochschule (BFH). This University was founded in 1997 in Bern capital city of Switzerland. It has around 2500 Administrative staff and about 7500 students The University of Bern is one of the worldwide top 200 Universities, receiving >130M € in research grants in 2018, with ISPM receiving >10M €. The ISPM Bern hosts several national and regional Paediatric Disease Registries on respiratory and other paediatric diseases Scholarship Overview. The Swiss capital's University offers a full range of attractive bachelor, master and PhD degree courses. Its reputation for teaching and research is excellent and it is superbly located in the heart of the city, a world UNESCO heritage site. The Master Grant of the University of Bern provides the opportunity to pursue.

The University of the Arts Bern (German: Hochschule der Künste Bern) is an art school with locations in Bern and Biel/Bienne.It was created in 2003 from the merger of the University of Music and Theatre and the School of Design, Art and Conservation. The educational institution is one of eight departments of the Bern University of Applied Sciences.. Characterising exoplanets or planets outside our solar system is the focus of Chloe Fisher's PhD. For more, check out this British researcher's life in Bern and her work at the Centre for Space and Habitability. Xi Zhang. Xi Zhang was a young international researcher at the University of Bern Clinical Anatomy. The Centre for Clinical Anatomy at the Institute of Anatomy of the University of Bern was founded in 2010. It is considered to be the first of its kind in Switzerland to offer medical training courses and advanced education in close cooperation with anatomists and clinicians

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  1. Institute of Applied Physics. The IAP was founded on June 2nd, 1961 as part of the faculty of natural sciences. Today about 56 employees research and teach in four divisions focusing on Biomedical Photonics, Laser Physics, Nonlinear Optics and Microwave Physics
  2. Bern University of Teacher Education supports teachers not only during their studies, but throughout their entire career - with advanced training courses, conferences and courses in advanced studies (CAS, DAS, MAS). Each year, the university provides around 300,000 hours of advanced training to a total of 25,000 participants
  3. Climate and Environmental Physics is a division of the Physics Institute of the University of Bern and affiliated to the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research.Our team of more than 60 is committed to understand the processes of the Earth System on time scales from seasons to a million years. If you like to join our effort, please see our JOB OPENINGS
  4. The Lung Research Lab is the basic and translational research platform of the Clinic of Pneumology of the University Hospital of Berne. Our lab is involved in research activities covering different diseases affecting the lung such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and cystic fibrosis
  5. Decurtins Group at the University of Bern. Self-Assembly and Magnetic Order of Bi-Molecular 2D Spin Lattices of M (II,III) Phthalocyanines on Au (111) Magnetochemistry, 2021, 7 (8), 119/1-15. Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Dynamics in Benzodifuran-Based Triads. Helv. Chim. Acta, 2021, 104, e2100099/1-13
  6. The Wyss Academy for Nature at the University of Berne is a place of innovation, where research, business, policymakers and communities come together to co-design solutions for sustainable futures. We use the power of knowledge and the creativity of engagement to empower agents of change
  7. Community Ecology Group @ University of Bern. We proudly present - the Bug-Network! We are starting a new collaborative research network that aims to assess the impact of above- and belowground invertebrate herbivores and pathogenic fungi on plant communities and ecosystems
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Memorandum for CLAIMANT University of Bern V TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS AND DEFINITIONS §/§§ Paragraph/paragraphs % Percent AG Aktiengesellschaft (public limited company) a.m. ante meridiem (before midday) ANoA RESPONDENTS' Answer to the Notice of Arbitration of 14 August 2020 Art./Artt. Article/Article The Software Composition Group carries out research in programming language design and software reengineering with the goal of facilitating the development of flexible, open software systems. The SCG is led by Oscar Nierstrasz and is part of the Institute of Computer Science ( INF) at the University of Berne

Welcome to my website! I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Financial Management at the University of Bern and Visiting Researcher in Finance at Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business.I am on the 2021-2022 job market, and will be available for interviews. I am an applied economist working at the intersection of economics and finance Welcome to the Institute of Computer Science at the Faculty of Science of the University of Bern. Computer Science is the science of representing and processing information, and it lies at the foundation of today's Information Age. By performing research in various ares in computer science, the Institute of Computer Science contributes to the. A yellowed letter in typewriter font, dated 6 June 1907. In the letter, there are hefty accusations which Prof Wilhelm Heinrich, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Natural Sciences of the University of Bern, puts to the famous physicist Albert Einstein: Einstein's ideas on space, time and light that have become known as the theory of relativity, were radical and more art than physics. CDE is Switzerland's centre of excellence for sustainable development. One of the University of Bern's strategic research centres, we are tasked with mainstreaming sustainability throughout the university's research and teaching. We conduct research and teaching on behalf of a more sustainable world. Our aim is to chart pathways to. The University of Bern honors commitment to equal opportunities and this year awards the Institute of Geography the Prix Lux for its long-standing commitment to equal opportunities and its pioneering achievements for an inclusive scientific culture. 2021/11/22 Food Academy: Testing sustainability in the system for small farms - Knowledge for.

The Department of English is one of the seven departments of languages and literatures at the University of Bern. We are a lively, medium-sized department with currently around 600 students, six professors and more than a dozen teaching staff members Both prizewinners have remained in the field of molecular parasitology - Simona is investigating ribosomal maturation in trypanosomes in André Schneider's group at the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Bern The University of Bergen (UiB) is an internationally recognised research university. Academic diversity and high quality are fundamental for us The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Vetsuisse Faculty) at the University of Bern comprises clinics, institutes and offices. The Bern Animal Clinic is run by the clinics. The Veterinary Medicine faculty has set out a number of tasks in the three areas of research, teaching and service provision. These tasks are: Maintaining the performance of. The University of Bern (German: Universität Bern, French: Université de Berne, Latin: Universitas Bernensis) is a university in the Swiss capital of Bern and was founded in 1834. It is regulated and financed by the Canton of Bern. It is a comprehensive university offering a broad choice of courses and programmes in eight faculties and some.

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  1. A research team from Inselspital, Bern University Hospital and the University of Bern demonstrated in a study that the current methods of qualifying AI for brain segmentation could be enhanced. Deviations as measured by means of currently used parameters do not correlate with clinically relevant changes of the radiation dose distribution
  2. The University of Bern offers top quality across the board: it enjoys special recognition in leading-edge disciplines, is reputed for the excellent quality of its teaching, offers a delightful setting, and a campus environment intimately linked to the social, economic and political life of the city
  3. The University of Bern (German: Universität Bern, French: Université de Berne, Latin: Universitas Bernensis) was founded in 1834 in Bern, Switzerland's capital. The Canton of Bern regulates and finances it. It is a comprehensive university with eight colleges and 150 institutes offering a diverse range of degrees and programmes
  4. Researchers at the University of Bern have developed the highly sensitive ORIGIN instrument, which can provide proof of the smallest amounts of traces of life, Space Sep 28, 2020 Sep 29, 202
  5. The University of Bern offers top quality across the board: it enjoys special recognition in leading-edge disciplines, is renowned for the excellent quality.
  6. The University of Bern is located in a central European location as it lies in the capital of Switzerland since 1834. It is one of the Swiss canton universities and is known for its focus on research, making it ideal for international researchers

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  1. A graduate student positions are open starting April 2022 to carry out a Ph.D. thesis in chemical biology. Applicants must hold a Master's degree in Chemistry of Biochemistry and have interest to work in an interdisciplinary environment. The research projects focus on the computational design, synthesis, testing and mechanistic studies of bioactive peptides, cyclic peptide
  2. University of Bern Rankings. University of Bern is ranked #114 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence
  3. Hochschulstrasse 4, 3012 Bern, Switzerland. University profile. The University of Bern is a public institution. As a comprehensive university, more than 1,500 teaching staff at eight faculties prepare students for their. future academic or professional career. The historic roots of the University of
  4. University of Berne · Freiestrasse 3 · 3012 Berne, Switzerland Phone: +41 31 631 43 25 · Fax: +41 31 631 80 57 E-Mail: jean-louis.reymond@unibe.c
  5. The University of Bern (German: Universität Bern, French: Université de Berne, Latin: Universitas Bernensis) is a university in the Swiss capital of Bern and was founded in 1834
  6. 2016-2017 University of Bern Masters Grants is open to international students and alumni of the University's international partners. The scholarships are towards a Master's Degree in any field of study (except Biomedical Science and Medicine) offered at University of Bern in Switzerland. Deadline is 31 December 2015. Next course starts September 2016

The Theodor Kocher Institute (TKI) is an institute of the Medical Faculty of the University of Bern. Research at the TKI addresses molecular mechanisms involved in inflammation. A special focus lies on immune cell migration to different organs during immune surveillance and inflammation employing cutting-edge 3D live cell imaging Hannah and Joe are two of Gwynne's colleagues at the University of Bern. Hannah is from Norfolk, England and Joe is from Australia. Joe visited with Barth and Rhonda for Christmas in Ithaca, New York last year, where he was able to enjoy wearing the same pajamas everyone else wore

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Number of Times University Of Bern is Added in Itineraries. 6 Times. Most popular time to visit University Of Bern. 3 PM - 4 PM. 50% of people start their University Of Bern visit around 3 PM - 4 PM. Average time spent at University Of Bern. 30 Minutes. People usually take around 30 Minutes to see University Of Bern Des: University of Bern Molecular Epidemiologist Emma Hodcroft joined Bloomberg Markets: European Close to discuss rising Covid-19 cases, telling Alix Steel and Guy Johnson that unvaccinated. The Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics at the University of Bern expects to have one or more postdoctoral positions available, starting in October 2022. The faculty at the institute consists of Thomas Becher, Matthias Blau, Gilberto Colangelo, Admir Greljo, Christoph Greub, Martin Hoferichter. University of Bern logo. Founded in 1834, the University of Bern (German: Universität Bern) is a comprehensive university in the Swiss capital of Bern. Black logo Swiss logo Word Mark logo

Research collaboration with leading acute myeloid leukemia (AML) experts, Professor Ochsenbein and Professor Riether from the Department of Medical Oncology, Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, Switzerland, to support advancement of drug development process MP0533 is designed to target thre Goeltz, along with his fellow researchers at Heidelberg University and the University of Bern, began by developing a mathematical model that could approach the issue of deep learning based on temporal coding. The following steps involved integrating this with the BrainScaleS system, a neuromorphic system developed to work as a substrate for. University of Bern International Relations, Bern. 886 likes · 2 talking about this · 8 were here. Spotlight on all things international at the University of Bern

University of Bern Doctor of Philosophy - PhD Legal Anthropology . Heidelberg University Heidelberg University Masters. 2018 - 2020. West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences. University of Bern, سويسرا | EasyUni. ابحث. ×. البحث عن التخصصات والجامعات والدليل والمقالات. الجامعات المحفوظة في قائمتك. الرئيسية الجامعات سويسرا University of Bern The Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR) of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bern, led by Prof. Mark A. Rubin, MD, was established in 1994 by the University of Bern and the Inselspital (Bern University Hospital). The DBMR is divided in 13 Research Programs with about 100 participating individual labs and several Independent Research Labs whose research spans across all. The Faculty of Humanities is a lively and innovative environment for studies in the humanities and cultural studies. Among its range of subjects are classics like History, Languages, and Literatures. We also offer cultural sciences like Art History, Musicology, and are proud to be the only Swiss university to teach Theater and Dance studies

The Bern Center for Precision Medicine (BCPM) is issuing a new request for applications for Young Investigator projects. It is open to researchers from the Inselspital and University of Bern. Submission deadline: Friday, August 27, 2021. 2021/07/07 Fokus Forschung Podcast (Universität Bern): Regeneration der Herzzellen in Zebrafische University of Bern 39 people | 15 documents Universitätsbibliothek / University Library 4 people | 37 documents Ur- Und Frühgeschichte 2 people | 17 document

CTU Bern is an independent institution of the University of Bern. It is the Clinical Trials Unit of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bern and the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital. CTU Bern supports and collaborates in clinical studies primarily initiated by investigators of the University of Bern and collaborating institutions The University of Bern, whose buildings are mainly located in the Länggasse quarter, is located in Bern, as well as the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) and several vocations schools. In Bern, about 50,418 or (39.2%) of the population have completed non-mandatory upper secondary education , and 24,311 or (18.9%) have completed.

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Researchers at the University of Bern have discovered a mechanism in the body's own immune system which is responsible for the maturation and activation of immune cells. In the fight against skin cancer, the results have the potential to help immunotherapies succeed, even in patients for whom they have so far been ineffective. Group Schen Jean-Paul Marchand, a Bern alumnus and professor emeritus at the University of Denver has passed away on January 8. An obituary can be found by clicking here. 2021/01/25 Admir Greljo starts SNF professorship. On October 1, Admir Greljo joins the ITP as an SNF Eccellenza Professor at the ITP

Surface-Based Brain Morphometry for the Prediction of Fluid Intelligence in the Neurocognitive Prediction Challenge 2019. Michael Rebsamen. Support Center for Advanced Neuroimaging (SCAN), University Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology, University of Bern, Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, Bern, Switzerlan Our research group (RenaudResearchGroup) is located at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the University of Bern.Our research interests lie in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. We are particularly interested in developing new synthetic methods and applying them to the total synthesis of target molecules possessing attractive biological activities UniBE. Search. Welcome to the LARA, the Laboratory for the Analysis of Radiocarbon with AMS at the University of Bern! We perform radiocarbon dating for collaborative partners and customers from the University of Bern and other institutions. Our work focuses on (but is not restricted to) climate research, archaeology, air quality studies and. Sociological research at the University of Bern combines the both equally relevant fields of basic theoretical and methodological research with research on contemporary sociological issues. Our main research areas cover migration, political and environmental sociology, sociology of religion and culture as well as sustainable social development. A recently published study conducted at the University of Bern in collaboration with researchers from Spain, Canada and Italy has investigated the population structure and seasonal movements of the White-winged Snowfinch Montifringilla nivalis, one of the most characteristic passerines of alpine habitats in Europe

Research collaboration with leading acute myeloid leukemia (AML) experts, Professor Ochsenbein and Professor Riether from the Department of Medical Oncology, Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, Switzerland, to support advancement of drug development process MP0533 is designed to target thre University of Bern. A. ARTORG 3 people | 169 documents. Academic English Services 1 person. Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics, Institute for Theoretical Physics 4 people | 172 documents. Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics, Laboratory for High Energy Physics 3 people | 63 documents. Animal Behaviour and Welfare 2 people The Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) at the University of Bern provides undergraduate and postgraduate education and carries out interdisciplinary research in the fields of social and behavioural health, clinical epidemiology and biostatistics, and international and environmental health.. Eminent speakers from Switzerland and abroad give presentations at monthly lectures.

The Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics (AEC) has been founded in 2011. Its aim is to foster high-level research and teaching in fundamental physics at the University of Bern. The main focus is on experimental and theoretical particle physics and its applications (e.g. medical physics), as well as on the related spinoff and outreach. In Bern. The University of Bern was founded in 1834 and incorporates the Theological School (founded 1528). The City and University Library (1528) contains many manuscripts and rare books. The Swiss National Library (1895) is also in Bern, as is the headquarters of the Swiss National Bank Find 3449 researchers and browse 37 departments, publications, full-texts, contact details and general information related to Bern University of Applied Sciences | Bern, Switzerland | BF

The University of Bern (German: Universität Bern, French: Université de Berne, Latin: Universitas Bernensis) is a public university in the Swiss capital of Berne.It is the third-largest university in Switzerland. It has about 18,570 students. The University of Bern was founded in 1834. It is regulated and financed by the Canton of Berne.It is a comprehensive university offering a broad. University of Bern, Switzerland. A. Art History 9 people | 109 documents. B. Behavioural Ecology 1 person. Biblical Studies 1 person | 14 documents. Biomedical Engineering 2 people. Bioninformatics Unit 2 people | 6 documents. Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Philosophical Department 4 people University of Bern Information. The University of Bern (Universität Bern - Université de Berne) is a public institution that was founded in the early nineteen century and is currently run by the rector Professor Würgler. The University of Bern ranking is 44th in Europe The chair of the 2021 Hans Sigrist Prize Committee, Prof. Sven Rottenberg, proposed the field for the 2021 prize, looking to spur further research in a field he finds fascinating. Prof. Rottenberg is the director of the Institute of Animal Pathology, as well as a member of the Bern Center for Precision Medicine established in 2019 University of Bern Engehaldenstrasse 4 3012 Bern Office: +41 (0) 31 631 3775 julien.cujean@ifm.unibe.ch.

Gerhard Seel, University of Bern, Switzerland, Philosophy Department, Emeritus. Studies Philosophy, Semantics, and Ethics. I am Professor Emeritus at the University of Bern. Currently, I am working on a book on the semantics of practical sentence Andreina Schoeberlein Stehli * 23/05/1965 University of Bern, Medical Faculty, married, 1 child (* 1999) Department for BioMedical Research Swiss University Women's Hospital, Obstetrics and Feto-maternal Medicine Laboratory of Prenatal Medicine Grienmatt 10, 4410 Liestal Inselspital, KKL E838, 3010 Bern +41 61 901 52 62 +41 31 632 85 17 schoe_ste@bluewin.ch andreina.schoeberlein@dbmr.unibe.

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Bern, Bern-Mittelland administrative district, Canton of Bern, Switzerland Headquarters location Main building of the University of Berne (46°57′1.87″N 7°26′17.19″E Department of Economics. Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Economics of the University of Bern. You can find information about our courses, research activities, and our affiliated research centers. Prospective Students. Courses Kai Guthmann, University of Bern, Switzerland, Political Science Department, Alumnus. Studies Comparative Public Policy, Political Science, and Political Economy Rebecca A Giselbrecht, University of Bern, Switzerland, Department of Old Catholic Theology, Faculty Member. Studies Early Modern Intellectual History, Christian Spirituality, and Practical theology. A scholar of historical theology, Reformatio University of Bern scholarship veterinary medicine, dentistry, human medicine 15 Doctoral Positions for International Scholars at University of Bern in Switzerland, 2017 University of Bern

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The University of Basel is the oldest university in Switzerland. As a research-intensive university it offers a broad range of degree programmes Novartis acquires University of Bern spinoff Arctos Medical. With the acquisition Novartis adds a pre-clinical optogenetics-based gene therapy program and Arctos' proprietary technology to its ophthalmology portfolio. The acquisition underscores the Novartis commitment to finding treatments for patients with severe vision loss and the. Moisés Prieto, University of Bern, Historisches Institut Department, Adjunct. Studies The Francoist regime, Cold War history, and Media History Jan 07, 2022 · Eccentric exoplanet discovered. Led by the University of Bern, an international research team has discovered a sub-Neptune exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf star.The discovery was also made thanks to observations performed by the SAINT-EX observatory in Mexico. SAINT-EX is run by a consortium including the Center for Space and Habitability (CSH.

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